Installation instructions

Introduction Several installation methods can be used. Mounted on wood, mounted with screws on Aluminum profiles, glued on aluminum profiles without visible screws, combination of these. Aluminum has a thermal expansion and...

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Glued facade

Hidden fixation for a cleaner whole Aluminum is very suitable for gluing with special glue. Many architects today wish hidden fixing as to the facade of buildings, such as the use...

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Cutting of facade panels from Alutile

Alutile panels are very easy to process. All you need to cut the panels is a circular saw with fine-cut blade and guide rail. The panels can be bent...

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Window, door and cornice

As the Alutile panels can bend, it can be made into unique and dense solutions without the use of lists. In order to maintain aeration, it is important to plan...

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The paint is made of PVDF and is comparable to the surface of a car. The panels are washed easily with car shampoo. Do not use corrosive chemicals or solvents. House washing...

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Alutile fire class A documentation Alutile installation instructions - screw-free solution using Sikaflex panel system Documentation FR (Fire resistante) panels FDV documentation ISO 9001 sertification Installation instructions Profiles for hidden fixing with price Performance statement Alutile FR...

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Find out more about the product

Our aluminum composite panels consist of top and bottom plates of seawater resistant aluminum with a core of polyethylene or FR. The layers are rolled together through a continuous process of glue film and baked at 200 degrees to melt the layers together. The result is a lightweight, strong and flexible building material of very high quality.


The facade panels can be machined with standard tools and they do not require any finishing after they are cut. In addition, the low weight makes the Alutile panels even easier to do with.


A team is not stronger than one’s weakest point – therefore it is crucial that the Alutile panels do not have any weak points. To accomplish this, we only use the best of suppliers, all of which are among the most widely used and famous in the world. The PVDF coating is produced by reputable Beckers in Sweden, the aluminum comes from Australia’s largest supplier, the protective film is from French PPG and the adhesive that binds it all together, is American Dupont.