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Our aluminum composite panels consist of top and bottom plates of seawater resistant aluminum with a core of polyethylene or FR. The layers are rolled together through a continuous process of glue film and baked at 200 degrees to melt the layers together. The result is a lightweight, strong and flexible building material of very high quality.


The facade panels can be machined with standard tools and they do not require any finishing after they are cut. In addition, the low weight makes the Alutile panels even easier to do with.


A team is not stronger than one’s weakest point – therefore it is crucial that the Alutile panels do not have any weak points. To accomplish this, we only use the best of suppliers, all of which are among the most widely used and famous in the world. The PVDF coating is produced by reputable Beckers in Sweden, the aluminum comes from Australia’s largest supplier, the protective film is from French PPG and the adhesive that binds it all together, is American Dupont.


Layers of thin, high quality materials with different properties to be merged into a light, strong, maintenance-free and easy-to-handle panel. Here's how we do it:


Weight and thickness are great Alutile advantages and crucial factors for both the architect and the installer, as well as the customer. Alutile facade panels are strong, rigid plates with low weight, thus eases the pressure on the building. It also facilitates the work of the installer, which in turn benefits the customer in the form of lower costs. The low weight is due to the tight compression and layer-to-layer structure of thin components which together form a solid sandwich structure.

standard thickness


Standard width: 1200 mm, Maximum width: 1570 mm
Standard height: 2400 mm or according to customer request

Standard thickness 4 mm (We can deliver from 3-6 mm)


You don´t need any extraordinary tools to process the Alutile facade panels. Plain wood treatment tools are all you need, and the panels can be sawn, bend holes in and more. Cracking around corners is also possible, and it’s not even hard. The installation goes like a game and costs are kept down from day one. In addition, they are completely maintenance-free and that they are very durable will be almost just a bonus.


There is a lot of weather in our countries, and that is definitely one of the reasons why Alutile’s products reach their potential in the Nordic. No matter what the scale shows, how heavily roofing jobs or how much it blows or snow, our facade panels have a unique resistance. Rust, overall growth and other threats have extremely poor growth conditions on the panels thanks to the high hardness and the special PVDF coating.


The various layers in our panels are simply melted by means of high temperature and materials that create strong bonds at the molecular level. This makes the layers appear as one element.


We supply different types of panels according to customer requirements. Standard Alutile panels are made with a core of PE, non-toxic polyethylene, as well as two outer layers of the fire-resistant metal aluminum. This is a Class D plate.
We also deliver fireproof panels with a FR (Fire Resistant) core that will be almost impossible to set fire to. This is a plate that is Class B and is approved according to applicable EN / ISO requirements.


We stock a variety of colors, but on order we can deliver all colors. But be sure you like the color before ordering, because thanks to various high-tech treatments, Alutile’s facade panels preserve the color for a long time.


The hard surfaces of Alutile’s facade panels have a high self-cleaning capacity. It’s simply difficult to get dirt to stick to the hard ground. The same applies to contaminants, algae, lime, salt and greens.
It is recommended to wash the facade every year with use of a regular car shampoo and with subsequent thorough flushing with water.


Alutile panels are made to get a little beating, and the same applies to the paint. Not only does the panels resist beatings, but the paint stays perfect even if the panels gets a hitch or bends around a corner for that matter. Therefore, it is also excellent as foundations, patio panels, ceiling panels, garage panels, interior tiles, gardenhouses, stalls, outbuildings, etc.

Areas of use

Alutile is a product that has very many different areas of usage. Whether it's hot or cold climate has nothing to say for this product.

Colors and surfaces

Alutile facade panels are finished painted and maintained surfaces.


We produce panels with just the color you want. All you have to do is give us a RAL or NCS number and we’ll fix the rest.


The PVDF coating with fluorocarbon paint has high resistance to air pollution, ultraviolet radiation, acid rain and salt water. It is delivered by two quality manufacturers, American PPG and Swedish Becker.



PET film, a very thin layer of polyester coating on the surface of the base material, becomes more and more popular on panels for internal use. There are many types of styles – PET can imitate all kinds of materials, such as. marble, wood and much more.



We stock a variety of colors that can be delivered very fast all over the country from our headquarters in Haugesund. Contact us to see the selection we have in the shelves. And remember; what we don´t have in stock, we´ll make.



Looking for something very special? Find your special color, contact us and see your dreams materialize in the form of high quality aluminum composite panels with your own twist.

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Our flexible facade panels can cover large surfaces, break around sharp corners, and create artificial windows that resist weather and wind – both in structural and aesthetic sense. We believe there is an Alutile product that provides a beautiful facade for any occasion, regardless of the type of building. The panels are suitable as flats for apartments as well as commercial buildings. Can also be used as foundation panels, handrails, ceiling tiles inside the ceiling. The plates can also be perforated.

See the pictures below and be inspired to you too.