Say hello to Alutile, Iceland and Faroe Islands

Alutile has been delivering wall cladding panels in Aluminum Composite Worldwide for 25 years to over 100 countries and for the Norwegian marked for 10 years.

Perfect for tough weather

The 100% waterproof product is perfect for the wet and changing weather in Northern Europe. Alutile is a Clima smart product.

Alutile Norway has delivered facade panels to many projects like hotels, apartment houses, schools, hospitals and private houses. Many of these buildings are located only few meters from the seaside, and we have extremely good experience with panels in these heavy weather conditions.

Alutile Norway can help you with calculations of small and large projects, and we deliver panels in many standard colors directly from our large store in west coast of Norway. We also supply stainless steel screws, gaskets and aluminum profiles.

Get to know our product

The panels are light in weight and easy to work with. They are also easy to cut with an ordinary circular saw with fine-cut leaves.

The panels are 4mm thick and therefore very stiff and impact resistant. The panels can still be bended around corners by doing a mill grooves on the back. This is due to the sandwich structure with aluminum on both sides and a plastic/composite core in the middle.

You can therefore create tight and sealed fine corners around the building – also into windows, doors and over roof.

Alutile Norge AS has 3 different panel types. Standard variant, as well as a variant that is classified as fireproof class B and fully metal composite class A – all tested and approved according to current requirements and EN regulations.

In Norway we have many thousand sqm on stock in different standard colors and we can ship orders above 200 sqm directly to customers in Iceland and Faroe Islands. Standard size in stock is 1200x2400mm in colors, white, black, dark grey, silver grey and anthracite.

Alutile has been using SINTEF for developing the EPD certificate (needed for Breeam certifications), and the Eco-friendly life cycle is an important factor for us.

We are travelling to Iceland and Faroe Islands for customer presentations and are interested in establishing contact with Architects, Entrepreneurs and Construction companies in this region.

New brushed colors for 2020


The new brushed colors gives the facade a different and more exclusive and shiny look. The natural aluminum brushed surface is created to give the visual effect of a natural and real metal un-treated surface, but with a much higher resistance as it is actually treated in 3 layers.

The brushed surface are protected with the high weather resistance PVDF coating known as the best surface in the market when it comes to sun and rain resistance.

The same properties and benefits is applicable for the brushed color as for standard and metallic colors. Bending formability, light weight, high stiffness, easy to cut and high weather resistance. Last but not least we must not forget the easy cleanliness for all Alutile products.

Alutile has been tested by SINTEF and certified with an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration).

This brushed panels are non stock and delivery time is approximately 8-10 weeks.